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FEEL JAPAN would like our overseas readers to feel an intimate closeness to Japanese culture and history. For this reason, we have established a service whereby you can purchase an assorted Japanese candy & dry confectionery packages online. The package called “Nagomi” includes Japanese candies and sweets made from rice. The name “Nagomi” is written with two Chinese characters; one is "和", and it means “Japan, harmony, and peace”; the other one, which is "味", means “flavor, taste and content.” We would like those of you who receive “Nagomi,” created through the combination of these two Chinese characters, to taste a small piece of Japan and experience a harmonious feeling.

What is NAGOMI?

We will send you a selection of Japanese candies and confectioneries monthly. As you can see from the picture on this page, these candies come in a lovely container that will make you feel intimate with.
(Example of candies: soybean powdered beans, two kinds of handmade candies, three rice crackers.)

If you order either the 6-month or 12-month course, you will be able to enjoy a selection of Japanese candies and confectioneries that changes month-to-month. It is, of course, possible to make a one-time purchase. For details, please refer to the Shopping Guide.

*The picture on the right is a sample. Confectionery selections other than the “Monthly Pick Up” of each month have different type of items in a package.



Monthly Pick Up/July


Soybean flour is made by grinding roasted soybeans. The flour is very aromatic. This confectionery consists of roasted soybeans coated with the soybean flour. It is thus a whole soybean confectionery. It’s not just tasty; it’s also healthy and unique. That’s why this confectionery is drawing a lot of attention in Japan.


Please select a purchase method from the options below. Before you purchase anything, please read the Shopping Guide carefully so that you understand the terms of purchase. In particular, please make sure that you understand the service area we cover, and the terms of purchase, from the stage when we accept your order all the way through to the delivery stage.




Buy fixed term & pay at once

One-time payment for 6 months of delivery.
One-time payments receive a 5% discount.

Buy fixed term

Automatic withdrawal every month for a year (12 withdrawals).
In this case, you do not need to order each month since the order will be made automatically. In addition, you can also cancel anytime during the year.

Shopping Guide

We use an economy delivery service, calledSAL, which is a service provided by the Japan Post Service Co.,Ltd.. Shipping taking approximately2 weeks from the day of dispatch. Tracking services are not available. Compensation for damage and loss during the shipment is also not possible. The order reception desk closes at 11:59 PM Japan time on the 20th of every month. Please check with the date section on this website. We will dispatch all orders received by 11:59 PM on the 20th at the end of the month. The parcel will be delivered to you approximately 2 weeks after we send it.
Ex.1) Completion of ordering and payment on May 19; parcel arrives around June 15.
EX.2) Completion of ordering and payment on May 21; parcel arrives around July 15.
This particular service is available for addresses in theU.S., Britain, and France.
We accept returned goods only when a defect can be confirmed. After confirming the defect, we will send you an alternative. Because of the changing nature of our monthly selections, we cannot send you the same selection that you purchased. Other than confirmable defects, goods may not be returned or exchanged. Refunds are also not possible. Should it be that we have to terminate the service due to some problem on our side, we will refund the remaining money to those who have signed up for monthly delivery service.
If you sign up for the monthly withdraw payment plan, you can cancel your order through your personal Paypal account online. If you choose to make a one-time payment, you will not be able to cancel your order. Please be aware of this.
Privacy Policy
FEEL JAPAN is operated by the SOLDOUT.Inc. As the parent company offering these services, Sold Out receives private information about its customers. Sold Out does not, however, use or share this information with a third party except in the following circumstances:・When we need to inform you about a change in the regulation of this service.・When it becomes necessary in accordance with laws and regulations.・When it becomes necessary in order to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain your consent to the release of private information.・When it is necessary for the purpose of improving public hygiene and promoting children’s health, and it is difficult to obtain your consent to the release of private information.・When it is necessary in order to cooperate with the national and local government or their representatives, who are acting in accordance with the law, and when obtaining consent from you would hinder the execution of lawful regulation and carrying out of regular duties by persons authorized by the government to do so.
Ordered goods may contain: soybeans, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, shrimp, and crab.